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Imagine having a steady stream of buyers for your work, allowing you to focus on and enjoy your passion for photography. Imagine not having to be the “starving artist” or wondering whether this is a viable option for you.

It is possible.

We need money to keep the lights on and buy supplies, but it’s not everything. Money buys you another season to create. It gives you time, which gives you options.

You can join the ranks of what I call the New Renaissance, those who were able to change the world by being both creative and entrepreneurial.

I believe that to be able to sustain a creative life should be rewarded. Doesn’t your best work deserve to be heard and seen and even compensated?

Let me show you how to reach your audience of potential buyers and collectors.

Hi, I’m John Lechner.

I am a professional landscape photographer based in Australia. Since leaving my full time day job seven years ago I have learned many hard lessons.

Being a full time photographer or artist is tough, it takes a lot of patience and persistence. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning hard lessons about marketing, advertising and working with galleries, both here in Australia and in NYC.

It is tough. It is also rewarding.

One of the things that baffled me for over five years was making advertising online work for me. I have wasted thousands of dollars on Google and Facebook.

But today I don’t see that money as waste but as an investment. Because I have learned how to make Facebook work for me, my artist friends and now my artist and photographer clients.

Once I figured it out for my own business John Lechner Art, I took on a good friend of mine, Australian wildlife artist Natalie Jane Parker and applied my learning to running her art print business.

Less than 18 months in and we are on track to having a six figure print and gift products business, this is separate and additional to Nat’s original sales. Natalie’s Facebook following is approaching 10,000 and her email list will pass 10,000 before the end of 2020.

We are ready for growing a six figure art business into something that could perhaps reach seven figures in a few years, selling prints and gift products.

I love seeing artists and photographers being rewarded for their work. So I decided to share the strategies I have taken years to learn so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I have made and can start attracting more buyers and collectors now.

John Lechner helps with digital marketing and advertising for artists and photographers

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