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How to get more buyers and collectors for your work (even if you aren’t a big name photographer).
Without making cold calls, without relying on working with galleries, and without having to spend a ton of money on ineffective advertising.
In fact, you could build a large audience of potential buyers and collectors more easily than you think.

Hi, I’m John Lechner

I am a professional landscape photographer based in Australia. Since leaving my full time day job seven years ago I have learned many hard lessons.

Being a full time photographer or artist is tough, it takes a lot of patience and persistence. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning hard lessons about marketing, advertising and working with galleries, both here in Australia and in NYC.

It is tough. It is also rewarding.

One of the things that baffled me for over five years was making advertising online work for me. I have wasted thousands of dollars on Google and Facebook.

But today I don’t see that money as waste but as an investment. Because I have learned how to make Facebook work for me, my artist friends and now my artist and photographer clients.

John Lechner helps with digital marketing and advertising for artists and photographers